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.@Liz_Cheney is a conservative patriot who dutifully served our nation in the House of Representatives. Donald Trump should spend less time attacking those who disagree with him and more time bolstering the legal defense for his MANY criminal charges.

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Will Biden allow Hamas a ‘terrorist veto’?


Humiliation in international affairs comes in many forms, often unexpectedly. It buried President Joe Biden on Friday, piling mortification onto his administration’s foreign policy cowardice. First, the White House effectively abandoned Israel by sponsoring a Security Council resolution calling for an “immediate and sustained cease-fire” in Gaza. Then, unforeseen Russian and Chinese vetoes, cast almost […]

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Both Biden and Trump are foreign-policy flops, argues John Bolton


SADLY, FOR America and the world, neither candidate in this November’s election is fit to be president. Polling shows voters did not want a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but that’s what they’re getting. A president’s most important national-security responsibility is to identify the risks and opportunities facing America, and to craft ways […]

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Biden’s incoherent Israel approach only prolongs the conflict — and the Gaza suffering


President Biden’s dealings with Israel are increasingly incoherent. His objectives are confused and contradictory; he ignores Iran, the region’s biggest menace; he failed to secure a pre-Ramadan cease-fire-for-hostages deal; and his efforts to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza are ill-conceived and ineffective, tragically likely to aid Hamas more than the innocent. Biden should return to […]

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Trump Should Lay Off NATO, Target the U.N.


Donald Trump’s assault on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization began in his first term and has continued as he campaigns for a second. NATO certainly has its problems, as Henry Kissinger argued in “The Troubled Partnership: A Re-Appraisal of the Atlantic Alliance” (1965). But it serves U.S. national-security interests. Undermining U.S. strength by eroding alliances hardly amounts to an America-first agenda. Further, Mr. Trump’s focus on NATO shields from scrutiny the United Nations and other international institutions that are much more inimical to America.

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Navalny’s murder demonstrates Putin’s confidence


By John Bolton Alexei Navalny’s death in a Russian prison camp elicited widespread condemnation, and Western leaders demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin be held accountable. A fierce Putin critic, Navalny returned to Russia in January 2021 after recovering from a 2020 attempted assassination by poisoning that was almost certainly ordered by the Kremlin. He […]

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