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The Putin-Xi summit is more evidence of the worldwide nature of the threats facing the US. The only good news from the meeting is that Westerners who didn’t previously perceive the malign intentions of Russia and China will be awakened — and…

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The West is in a world war in Ukraine and still lacks a strategy for winning it


Since Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine last February, Nato members have spent considerable time patting themselves on the back, extolling their successes. Unfortunately, the West’s overall balance sheet is not nearly so rosy. One year in, consider the debits, not just the credits.

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Biden’s blindness toward China’s threat could not be clearer


President Biden addressed the nation Thursday to discuss the Chinese high-altitude balloon recently flying over the United States and three other objects in North American airspace, all ultimately shot down by the U.S. Air Force. Biden’s apparent aim was to inform the public and justify his decisions regarding the presence of these vehicles in our skies.

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From the Office of Ambassador John Bolton


I met with intelligence-community officials at DNI headquarters at Liberty Crossing this afternoon for approximately an hour. They provided a briefing relating to the four recent balloon/”object” incidents in a cooperative and professional manner.

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Biden’s bonkers balloon bumbling: This national- security expert has MAJOR questions


The Biden administration dangerously mishandled China’s now-famous, first recent high-flying “object” over America.

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The Fighter


John Bolton was once the enfant terrible of the Republican Party. Is he now its conscience? This article was first published in Foreign Policy on February 6th, 2023. Click Here to read the original article. John Bolton is worried about a virus but probably not the one you’re thinking of. The former U.S. national security […]

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