Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Boils Down To One Word: Weakness

August 01, 2022

This article first appeared in 19 Forty-Five. Click Here to see the original article. The wrong countries, notably Russia and China, are learning dangerous lessons about President Biden’s lack of international political resolve. Both substantively and in diplomatic tradecraft, his Administration is hesitant, submissive, and erratic. On issues as diverse as prisoner swaps with Moscow, American re-entry into […]


Situation Report: Joe Biden’s Middle East trip

July 29, 2022

President Biden spent almost a week in the Middle East recently, during a period of critical regional importance, and manages to depart having alienated nearly every major player. Iran is reaching the breakout point on a nuclear weapon. Israeli leaders were eager to speak face to face with their American counterparts about applying more muscle […]


When will American businesses wake up to the threat of Chinese espionage?

July 26, 2022

In an unprecedented joint public appearance on July 6, FBI Director Christopher Wray and his British counterpart, MI-5 Director General Ken McCallum, warned a London audience of business leaders and academics that China posed a “massive, shared challenge.”  Beijing, said Wray, was “set on stealing your technology—whatever it is that makes your industry tick—and using […]


Let Pelosi Travel to Taiwan

July 25, 2022

This article first appeared in the Washington Examiner on July 24th. Click here to view the original article. Whether or not Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) travels to Taiwan in August is a major foreign policy issue. Indeed, the answer will tell us a great deal about who actually controls American foreign policy: Washington or […]


How to Stiffen Europe’s Resolve After the Iran Nuclear Deal

July 21, 2022

Israel and its Arab friends should visit the Continent’s capitals and deliver a message about the danger. This article first appeared in the Wall Street Journal on July 20th, 2022. Click here to view the original article. President Biden admitted last week that his long-suffering efforts to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal were finally […]


The death of Shinzo Abe is a loss to the U.S. and its allies 

July 08, 2022

This article first appeared in the Washington Post on July 8th, 2022. Click here to see the original article. John R. Bolton served as national security adviser under President Donald Trump and is the author of “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”  Shinzo Abe’s assassination was a brutal and completely unforeseen end to a […]


The Case For American Leadership

June 27, 2022

This article first appeared in the Washington Examiner on June 27th, 2022. Click here to see the original article. This week, President Joe Biden attends the G-7 summit in Germany and a NATO summit in Spain.  These meetings of the free world’s major economic powers and its paramount political-military alliance are particularly significant. America and its allies, seeking recovery from the […]


Beyond Weapons: Time For A New U.S. Strategy On Taiwan

June 05, 2022

This article first appeared in 19FortyFive on June 5th, 2022. Click here to read the original article. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the most recent, but far from only, incident highlighting Taiwan’s vulnerability to Chinese attack. Western assistance to Ukraine, particularly sharing intelligence, has contributed significantly to its defense, but the underlying failure of deterrence […]


Jordan: Stumbling into an Abyss

May 25, 2022

By Dr. David WurmserFlaring tensions between Jordan and Israel, and in particular the escalating, hostile rhetoric coming from Amman, over the “status quo” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have stunned long-term observers of the situation. Even strong advocates who traditionally defend and even advocate increasing Jordan’s regional role were jarred. Israelis have been particularly […]


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