The Foundation for American Security and Freedom (FASF) is dedicated to ensuring U.S. leadership in a world of growing international threats. We know that America must lead. We study, write, communicate and advocate restoring critical alliances, rebuilding our military capabilities, and standing against international terrorism, expansionist regimes and nuclear proliferation that threaten the security of America and her allies.

Growing international threats and challenges to America and its allies serve as powerful reminders that vital U.S. national security interests require that we shape the international security environment to defend against these threats. Fortunately, our country has the opportunity to protect and strengthen our values and our interests, to once again restore our critical alliances; deter the enemies and potential enemies who have grown not to fear us; reverse the precipitous decline in our military capabilities; and stand against an expansionist Russia, an aggressive China, an explosion in global terrorism, and growing nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea.

What will FASF do?

FASF is committed to restoring and protecting our vital national security interests and preserving our way of life for our posterity. Through research, analysis, and the public dissemination of studies and opinions about foreign and defense policy, FASF will strengthen our public discourse, making clear the inextricable links between strong foreign and domestic national policies. By engaging the greatest thinkers and doers in the country, we will further our national security interests.

We must see the world as it is. With the diffusion of technology, for example, rogue states like Iran are coming closer to establishing nuclear weapons capability. If terrorists like al Qaeda and ISIS obtained weapons of mass destruction, they wouldn’t hesitate to use them against our homeland or cherished allies such as Israel. Cyber warfare even from the likes of Iran and North Korea threaten us. We need a new national security strategy that includes greater reliance on irregular warfare capabilities. America’s military must be agile, nimble, and able to respond to numerous threats simultaneously. It requires a fundamental rethinking of how we utilize all our tools of national power. Who knows what future menaces will arise?

We must recognize American exceptionalism not only in rhetoric, but in deeds. We can no longer ‘lead from behind. America must rise to the occasion and acknowledge the indispensable role we play in the world.

We invite all Americans concerned about our country’s future to learn about the issues that will drive our security in the 21st Century, and join a distinguished group of Americans to develop and promote policies to further our fundamental interests.