Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem as Simple as Moving the Sign from One Building to Another

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Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton discussed the prospective relocation of America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem:

“One of the things that distinguished Donald Trump, and you can see it even in his first days in office, is during the campaign he said ‘I’m going to do X, Y, and Z’ – and miraculous to behold, he’s actually doing it on so many different fronts, internationally and domestically.”

“You can move the embassy by taking the plaque off the wall at our consulate building in Jerusalem and putting up a sign that says ‘U.S. Embassy.’ You can build a bigger embassy, the full-scope embassy, obviously over a longer period of time, but you could make the dramatic move quickly.”

“Once you slow down, once you miss the chance to strike dramatically in the early days…once you give up that opportunity, the cost actually mounts.”

“Israel has the land. Let’s forget the legalities. Israel has control of the territory. They believe it’s their land, dating back historically, and they’re building settlements on it. I tell you what, nobody’s going to stop them.”