Russian media in the U.S.

Transcript Highlights:

“Well, I think RT is clearly a Kremlin outlet, but nobody should doubt that Russia has been trying to get its new spin into American media for quite some time and it uses a device of purchasing special supplements, for example in the Washington Post. By the way, the China Daily also purchases special supplements in the Washington Post. They are billed as advertisements but they look a lot like newspapers so these are elements. This is all part of Russia’s effort, and China’s effort while we are the subject, to influence the United States.”

“I think that the Russians and the Chinese have been very bold and quite upfront about it and the fact that newspapers like the Washington Post allow them to buy advertising supplements, you can call it that, but when people are just turning the pages of the newspaper looking at their websites, it looks a lot like real content. So when you image that Russia is daring enough to do that, you can imagine what they are doing over the internet.”

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